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Drug possession charges over prescription medication

From heroin to cocaine and other substances, most people realize the serious nature of being charged with possessing unlawful street drugs. However, it is important to be aware that people may find themselves accused of this offense if they are caught with prescription medication, in some instances. For example, those who do not have a prescription for a certain type of prescription drug may find themselves in court for possession and they may also face harsh penalties that shatter their life. Furthermore, the possession of prescription drugs without a prescription has become increasingly widespread in recent years.

Facing drug possession charges as a minor

When someone is charged with drug possession, their life may be flipped upside down in all sorts of ways, as we have discussed on this blog. However, there are certain challenges that are unique to certain age groups and people in certain positions. For example, a young person who is charged with drug possession may face problems with their family members once they find out about the charges. Moreover, other difficulties could arise down the road, such as problems for those who are thinking about attending college and taking out student loans to fund their education.

Pursuing employment after drug possession charges

On our blog, we recently discussed how drunk driving charges can affect one's career. Likewise, there are many other types of offenses that can disrupt a person from a professional standpoint, such as being charged with drug possession. For someone who is in this position, many different consequences of these charges may shatter their life, from time behind bars to steep financial penalties, a shattered reputation in their community, and other setbacks. Moreover, the way in which these charges can impact a person's career should not be overlooked either, especially for those who are seeking a new position.

Drug possession and child custody

If you are a parent who is in the middle of a custody dispute and you have been accused of possessing unlawful substances, it is crucial to be very cautious with how you handle these allegations. When a parent is charged with drug possession, it can adversely impact their custody case, regardless of the substance they were accused of possessing. Our law firm fully understands that this can be an extremely overwhelming time in a parent's life, as if handling legal issues related to the custody of their children is not challenging enough.

Other consequences of drug possession charges

There are various problems associated with drug charges, including the possession of unlawful substances. We have discussed some of the hardships that people in this position may go through on our blog, such as problems in college. We believe it is important to examine some of the other consequences that can upend someone's future when drug charges arise. In Phoenix, and cities across the whole state of Arizona, those who are facing a drug-related charge may have no idea of how to handle their circumstances or the different ways in which these allegations could destroy their future.

Handling drug possession charges as a parent

On this blog, we have discussed some of the challenges that parents may encounter when their teen is accused of driving under the influence. However, this is certainly not the only legal problem that parents may encounter with respect to their kids. Unfortunately, many teens have also been accused of possessing drugs, which can also have a detrimental impact on their future in different ways. Moreover, some parents find themselves in this position and may worry about how the charges will affect their relationship with their children. When it comes to drug possession charges, carefully handling the case is crucial.

Is your college education at risk due to drug-related activity?

As an Arizona State University student, you may feel proud of where you to go to school and cannot wait for what your future holds. During this exciting time in your life, you may want to experience as many new situations as possible and work hard to earn your degree. After all, the college years are an important time in your life.

Paraphernalia and seemingly minor drug charges

Drug crimes take different forms, whether they involve the manufacturing of illegal substances, the sale of an unlawful drug, or possession. However, even offenses that seem relatively minor, such as being accused of possessing drug paraphernalia, can be incredibly hard and may create different challenges for people facing charges. Our law firm is intimately familiar with the stress that people in this position often experience and we know how the different ways in which these charges can shatter someone's life.

Addressing drug possession charges properly

When it comes to drug-related offenses, there are a myriad of charges people face. Sometimes, the charges can have very serious consequences, such as in cases which involve the trafficking of drugs to another country. However, people may also find themselves in serious trouble over seemingly minor offenses, such as possessing a very small amount of an illegal substance. Even though some people may not think the consequences of drug possession charges are very serious, it is important to recognize the hardships you may face and figure out the smartest course of action if you are in this position. Our law firm knows how these charges can make life very difficult for people in Phoenix, and other parts of Arizona.

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