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Is your college education at risk due to drug-related activity?

As an Arizona State University student, you may feel proud of where you to go to school and cannot wait for what your future holds. During this exciting time in your life, you may want to experience as many new situations as possible and work hard to earn your degree. After all, the college years are an important time in your life.

Paraphernalia and seemingly minor drug charges

Drug crimes take different forms, whether they involve the manufacturing of illegal substances, the sale of an unlawful drug, or possession. However, even offenses that seem relatively minor, such as being accused of possessing drug paraphernalia, can be incredibly hard and may create different challenges for people facing charges. Our law firm is intimately familiar with the stress that people in this position often experience and we know how the different ways in which these charges can shatter someone's life.

Addressing drug possession charges properly

When it comes to drug-related offenses, there are a myriad of charges people face. Sometimes, the charges can have very serious consequences, such as in cases which involve the trafficking of drugs to another country. However, people may also find themselves in serious trouble over seemingly minor offenses, such as possessing a very small amount of an illegal substance. Even though some people may not think the consequences of drug possession charges are very serious, it is important to recognize the hardships you may face and figure out the smartest course of action if you are in this position. Our law firm knows how these charges can make life very difficult for people in Phoenix, and other parts of Arizona.

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