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DUI charges during Labor Day weekend

People face DUI charges at all times of year, but some occasions are especially likely to result in these allegations, such as holidays. With Labor Day weekend coming up, it is important to be aware of this matter and stay off of the road if you have had too much to drink. However, many people will likely find themselves pulled over and accused of this offense during the holiday weekend and in the event that DUI charges arise, it is essential for those who are facing charges to have a clear idea of their options.

How common is underage drunk driving?

Many people realize the different ways that drunk driving charges can shatter a person’s life, whether they experience problems in the workplace or at home. Prison time, financial penalties, the loss of driving privileges and other consequences can make life very difficult on a daily basis for those who have been charged with DUI. However, some people can face a particularly challenging time when they are charged with driving under the influence, such as those who are under the age of 21. Moreover, underage drunk driving occurs more frequently than some parents may be aware of.

DUI charges as a motorcyclist

When some people envision someone being pulled over for drunk driving, they may picture someone driving a passenger vehicle such as a car or pickup truck. In fact, some people may not even realize that the same drunk driving laws apply to motorcyclists as well. It is important to keep in mind that many motorcyclists have been charged with driving under the influence and the consequences of these allegations can be very damaging. Moreover, there are a number of things that motorcyclists should take into consideration if they are accused of driving under the influence.

DUI charges and your career

On this blog, various aspects of the hardships people face as a result of DUI charges have been gone over, such as the impact these charges have on parents or those who wish to leave the country on a vacation. However, drunk driving charges can shatter your life in many other ways, of course. For example, your career may be derailed due to these charges, especially if you work in certain fields which require clean driving records. When this happens, the financial and emotional impact of DUI charges can extend far beyond the penalties imposed in court.

Opioids and unsafe driving

The use and misuse of opioids in this country has become a hot topic, and some states have noticed a dramatic increase in addiction to them and subsequent effects. Drivers in Arizona who are taking opioid medication for a health condition need to be aware that their effect can greatly affect driving abilities. In fact, if found to be operating under the influence of these controlled substance, the driver may face DUI charges because drugs have been shown to impair driving in a similar manner to alcohol.

Problems associated with the loss of driving privileges

Drunk driving charges can bring a wide variety of difficulties into your daily life, from time behind bars to financial penalties, a record that follows you around, and the loss of your good reputation in the community. Having said that, you should not overlook the other ways in which these charges can make life chaotic. For example, you could lose your driving privileges, which could be especially damaging, depending on your responsibilities. As a result, you should do all you can to handle these charges properly and prepare accordingly if you have lost or expect to lose the ability to drive.

How can parents help prevent underage DUI?

When a young person is charged with driving under the influence, the ordeal can be incredibly stressful for their whole family. Teenagers may worry that their dreams and opportunities will be negatively affected, while parents may be upset with their child's behavior or worry about how others will judge the situation. There are some steps that parents can take, however, to reduce the likelihood that their teenager will get behind the wheel after consuming alcohol.

You could be driving illegally and not even know it

Most drivers in Arizona are aware that driving under the influence of a certain amount of alcohol is illegal. However, the effects of alcohol are different for each individual, and some can handle a lot more drinks and not feel or act intoxicated. This becomes a problem when one gets behind the wheel, because it only takes a couple drinks until most drivers are considered to be over the legal limit but they may feel they are ok to drive.

How do drugs affect driving?

Most drivers in Arizona understand that driving under the influence of alcohol is illegal but are unsure of how drugs come into play. Some may think that prescription and/or legal drugs have no affect on driving, but this is not true. Medications impair driving in different ways, and people found with drugs in their system can be charged with drugged driving, which comes with similar penalties as a DUI.

When your teen is charged with DUI

Parents often have many different stressors that arise during their child's teenage years, from problems in the classroom to relationship issues and other challenges. However, drunk driving charges can be particularly difficult for an entire family to work through and teens may find themselves in this position for different reasons. With peer pressure and even a lack of awareness about how strict the law is when it comes to underage alcohol consumption and driving, many teens have found themselves accused of drunk driving in Phoenix and other parts of Arizona.

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