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Drug trafficking charges involving prescription medication

All drug-related charges have the potential to bring serious consequences for those who have been accused of breaking the law, but some can be especially severe. For example, the consequences associated with drug trafficking charges may be much more significant than those which come with drug possession charges. Moreover, when some people think of drug trafficking, they may envision street drugs that have been manufactured in a developing country and secretly transported into the U.S. However, these charges may also arise over prescription medications.

When your child is charged with drug trafficking

For most parents, finding out that their child is charged with any type of drug crime can be terrifying, even relatively minor charges such as possession of drug paraphernalia. However, certain offenses can be especially upsetting, such as drug trafficking. If your child has been accused of this offense, you may be worried about being unable to spend time with them while they are behind bars and you could also have concerns related to their future. This is an extremely concerning situation for parents and their children and it is pivotal for you to handle these charges properly.

Other consequences associated with drug trafficking charges

On our blog, we have gone into detail on some of the consequences that people may face when they are charged with drug trafficking, from issues related to one's college education to the loss of a job. However, there are many other ways in which those charged with this offense may have their lives upended and we will look into some in this blog post. For people in Phoenix, and across all of Arizona, it is crucial to know which options are on the table when these charges arise.

Losing your job over drug trafficking charges

Several months ago, our law firm published a piece highlighting some of the challenges that students and prospective students face when they are charged with a drug-related offense, such as losing financial aid eligibility. Drug trafficking charges are very serious and can shatter a person's life in many other ways as well. Aside from limiting access to education, you may have to spend a considerable amount of time in prison, pay steep financial penalties or lose your job. These consequences may continue to present challenges in your life years down the road and handling these charges appropriately is extremely important.

Handling drug trafficking charges

We have covered some of the different drug offenses people are accused of and the consequences associated with these allegations. Drug-related offenses are very serious and this is especially true for someone who has been charged with drug trafficking. A person's life may be upended by these charges in all sorts of ways and many people in Phoenix and across the state of Arizona who find themselves in this difficult position are unsure of what they should do next. However, handling these charges properly is pivotal since so much is at stake.

False drug trafficking allegations

Drug trafficking accusations are not to be taken lightly, with steep fines, time in prison, and a host of other consequences. Unfortunately, some people find themselves facing these hurdles even though they are innocent. If you have been wrongly accused of drug trafficking, or if some of the details surrounding the incident are untrue or have blown out of proportion, it is time for you to take a careful look at your rights and defend yourself appropriately. Our Arizona law office is very familiar with the hardships that people in Phoenix and all across the state may face when they find themselves in this situation and we firmly believe that those wrongly accused of drug trafficking and other drug offenses deserve a voice.

Is your college education at risk due to drug-related activity?

As an Arizona State University student, you may feel proud of where you to go to school and cannot wait for what your future holds. During this exciting time in your life, you may want to experience as many new situations as possible and work hard to earn your degree. After all, the college years are an important time in your life.

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