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Addiction may not be your only battle if you face drug charges

It's no secret that a killer drug epidemic exists in Arizona and throughout the United States. The thing is, you may be among many who imagine drug overdoses as incidents that occur in back alleys of low-income neighborhoods when gangs and other drug "salesmen" push their wares on the streets. The reality is that many high-income professionals also suffer from opioid and prescription drug addictions. In fact, many of the overdoses that occur happen after licensed physicians sign off on the very prescriptions connected to the fatalities.

DUI charges can take a toll on your pocketbook

If you're driving home from a night out with friends in Arizona and a police officer pulls you over in a traffic stop, life as you know it may never be the same, especially if you consumed alcohol before getting behind the wheel of your car. Facing DUI charges is definitely no small matter, even if it's your first offense. If police take you into custody, your immediate concerns may understandably lie in how to secure your release from jail and how to avoid conviction.

Has a resisting arrest charge left you confused and concerned?

Interactions with police officers can sometimes feel like complicated affairs. Though you were likely taught from a young age that police officers can help in difficult situations, you may have started to feel uncertain about how to approach an officer as you grew older. Because misunderstandings can occur, you may wonder if you could potentially face criminal charges due to miscommunication or other similar mishaps with police.

A hefty dose of information regarding medical marijuana

If you live, work or travel in Arizona, you undoubtedly stay updated on current traffic laws and regulations. You may also seek understanding of criminal laws that may impact a traffic stop, such as those pertaining to drunk driving or marijuana use. With regard to the latter, such situations can be quite complicated since possessing, selling, distributing or using marijuana remains grounds for federal criminal charges even though many states, including this one, have enacted laws that make marijuana legal in certain circumstances.

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