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August 2018 Archives

DUI charges during Labor Day weekend

People face DUI charges at all times of year, but some occasions are especially likely to result in these allegations, such as holidays. With Labor Day weekend coming up, it is important to be aware of this matter and stay off of the road if you have had too much to drink. However, many people will likely find themselves pulled over and accused of this offense during the holiday weekend and in the event that DUI charges arise, it is essential for those who are facing charges to have a clear idea of their options.

White collar crime allegations and your reputation

The potential consequences of white collar crime charges are not to be taken lightly. People in this position who are unable to secure a favorable outcome in court may face hefty financial penalties and time behind bars. Furthermore, when someone is simply accused of an offense their life may be turned upside down due to the accusations, regardless of whether or not they have any truth. If you have recently been accused of a white collar offense and have no idea how this could affect your future or if you are already in the middle of a case, it is crucial to move ahead carefully and protect your future to the best of your ability.

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