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Drug trafficking charges involving prescription medication

All drug-related charges have the potential to bring serious consequences for those who have been accused of breaking the law, but some can be especially severe. For example, the consequences associated with drug trafficking charges may be much more significant than those which come with drug possession charges. Moreover, when some people think of drug trafficking, they may envision street drugs that have been manufactured in a developing country and secretly transported into the U.S. However, these charges may also arise over prescription medications.

From prescription sleeping pills to pain medication, there are a number of prescription medications that are distributed illegally. Some people may not realize that their behavior constitutes drug trafficking, assuming that the consequences associated with these drugs are less severe than those associated with other substances such as heroin and cocaine. However, people who have been charged with trafficking prescription medications may face life-changing consequences that completely devastate their lives, from time behind bars to stiff financial penalties.

In recent years, the opiate crisis has led to an increase in the distribution of certain prescription drugs and many people have found themselves facing drug charges over prescription pain medication. As with any drug trafficking case, the ins and outs of a case involving the trafficking of prescription drugs must be looked at on an individualized basis, especially since some details may have a drastic effect on the outcome.

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