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Drug possession charges over prescription medication

From heroin to cocaine and other substances, most people realize the serious nature of being charged with possessing unlawful street drugs. However, it is important to be aware that people may find themselves accused of this offense if they are caught with prescription medication, in some instances. For example, those who do not have a prescription for a certain type of prescription drug may find themselves in court for possession and they may also face harsh penalties that shatter their life. Furthermore, the possession of prescription drugs without a prescription has become increasingly widespread in recent years.

People use prescription medication for all sorts of reasons. Sometimes, a person may use a prescription painkiller due to intense pain they are experiencing, even though they do not have a prescription. Anti-anxiety medication and many other types of prescription drugs can also lead to these charges. Some people may assume that because these drugs are widely prescribed by medical professionals, the consequences associated with the unlawful possession of a drug will be less severe. Or, someone may think that they will not be charged with drug possession altogether because they have a genuine need for the drug. However, this is not always the case.

Sometimes, people become addicted to a prescription drug that they were legally allowed to possess. Even though they no longer have a prescription, they are still addicted to the medication. These are just some examples of how people find themselves accused of drug possession over prescriptions and these charges must be approached carefully.

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