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When you are apprehended over a violent crime

From domestic violence to robbery, assault and resisting arrest, there are a number of violent crimes that people are taken into custody for. If you are apprehended over these allegations, it is extremely important to make sure that you handle this difficult situation correctly. There may be much at stake, including your entire future, and it is crucial to take the right steps during this time. Our law firm knows that being arrested for a violent crime can be especially difficult for numerous reasons, but the way a person handles this ordeal could significantly affect their life.

First of all, those apprehended over a violent crime should be aware that the things they say may be misinterpreted or twisted and that they have the right to stay silent. Following a violent incident, some people have especially strong emotions, which can make it even more problematic to speak up. Whether someone accidentally shares an incorrect detail surrounding a part of the incident or forgets to include a key detail, talking about what happened can create problems later on. Sometimes, people are taken into custody for violent offenses they did not commit, which can be especially tough. However, they may still face harsh consequences as many people have been wrongly accused of these offenses.

Being taken into custody for any reason can be difficult, but those apprehended for a violent offense may be in an especially troubling position. If you visit our violent crimes section, you can read through more on being arrested for a violent offense.

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