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Facing drug possession charges as a minor

When someone is charged with drug possession, their life may be flipped upside down in all sorts of ways, as we have discussed on this blog. However, there are certain challenges that are unique to certain age groups and people in certain positions. For example, a young person who is charged with drug possession may face problems with their family members once they find out about the charges. Moreover, other difficulties could arise down the road, such as problems for those who are thinking about attending college and taking out student loans to fund their education.

Aside from college, someone in high school may find that drug possession charges interfere with their performance in school for various reasons. On top of financial penalties and family-related problems, some young people in this position may be incredibly stressed out, making it hard for them to focus in the classroom. Sometimes, teens are falsely accused of drug possession and this may occur in different ways. In some instances, drugs may be planted on a young person by one of their "friends" who wants to bring them down. Or, a person may face these charges because someone left behind an illegal substance in their vehicle and they were not aware of the presence of illegal drugs, which can become a serious problem if the car is searched by a law enforcement official.

If you are facing these charges or you have a teen who has been accused of possessing drugs, you should immediately go over your rights and legal options.

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