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Drug possession and child custody

If you are a parent who is in the middle of a custody dispute and you have been accused of possessing unlawful substances, it is crucial to be very cautious with how you handle these allegations. When a parent is charged with drug possession, it can adversely impact their custody case, regardless of the substance they were accused of possessing. Our law firm fully understands that this can be an extremely overwhelming time in a parent's life, as if handling legal issues related to the custody of their children is not challenging enough.

Many factors are reviewed when it comes to the best interests of a child, and it can be disastrous if one of their parents has been accused of drug possession (or any offense involving drugs). It is also important to note that some people who are in the middle of a custody dispute may be falsely accused of drug possession. For example, their child's other parent may have decided to plant drugs in order to gain the upper hand in court with respect to child custody.

As if being charged with drug possession is not stressful enough, worrying about your custody case and how these charges will affect you can make the entire situation even more unbearable. However, this is no time to give up and the manner in which these charges are handled could have a significant impact on your future and your relationship with your children. Our drug crimes section goes over more on handling drug-related allegations.

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