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May 2018 Archives

Handling drug trafficking charges

We have covered some of the different drug offenses people are accused of and the consequences associated with these allegations. Drug-related offenses are very serious and this is especially true for someone who has been charged with drug trafficking. A person's life may be upended by these charges in all sorts of ways and many people in Phoenix and across the state of Arizona who find themselves in this difficult position are unsure of what they should do next. However, handling these charges properly is pivotal since so much is at stake.

Arizona law addressing property crime of burglary is strict

Hollywood films tend to glamorize burglary. The truth, though, is that sneaking into a high-profile building under the cover of night might seem exciting on the big screen, but comes with serious consequences in the real world. The state of Arizona is especially strict when it comes to this type of property crime.

Violent crimes and difficulty finding work

From rape to domestic violence and aggravated assault, people face charges related to a number of violent offenses. Those who are accused of a violent offense may face a variety of consequences, even if the charges are completely fabricated or certain aspects of the allegations are not valid. Aside from time behind bars and financial penalties, there are many other ways in which violent crime charges can shatter a person's life completely. For example, their reputation may be irreparably damaged and they could also have a very hard time during the job hunt, regardless of the field they wish to find work in.

Pursuing employment after drug possession charges

On our blog, we recently discussed how drunk driving charges can affect one's career. Likewise, there are many other types of offenses that can disrupt a person from a professional standpoint, such as being charged with drug possession. For someone who is in this position, many different consequences of these charges may shatter their life, from time behind bars to steep financial penalties, a shattered reputation in their community, and other setbacks. Moreover, the way in which these charges can impact a person's career should not be overlooked either, especially for those who are seeking a new position.

Drug possession and child custody

If you are a parent who is in the middle of a custody dispute and you have been accused of possessing unlawful substances, it is crucial to be very cautious with how you handle these allegations. When a parent is charged with drug possession, it can adversely impact their custody case, regardless of the substance they were accused of possessing. Our law firm fully understands that this can be an extremely overwhelming time in a parent's life, as if handling legal issues related to the custody of their children is not challenging enough.

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