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April 2018 Archives

DUI charges and your career

On this blog, various aspects of the hardships people face as a result of DUI charges have been gone over, such as the impact these charges have on parents or those who wish to leave the country on a vacation. However, drunk driving charges can shatter your life in many other ways, of course. For example, your career may be derailed due to these charges, especially if you work in certain fields which require clean driving records. When this happens, the financial and emotional impact of DUI charges can extend far beyond the penalties imposed in court.

Methamphetamine use could lead to organ damage, legal issues

People find themselves mixed up in difficult situations for any number of reasons. Someone may have seemed like he or she had everything in life only to wind up facing drug or alcohol abuse problems. Because this type of scenario could happen to anyone, withholding judgment against people who struggle with addiction may prove helpful. Of course, if a drug addiction issue resulted in criminal charges, judgment may become unavoidable.

White collar crime charges and financial penalties

When someone is charged with a white collar crime, whether they are accused of tax fraud or identity theft, they may face time behind bars and a great deal of humiliation. However, these charges could have a negative impact on their lives in many other ways, especially from a financial point of view. In addition to steep fines, there are other ways in which white collar crime cases can financially ruin a person's life as well. As a result, if you have been charged with a white collar offense it is essential for you to understand your rights and handle the charges properly.

Opioids and unsafe driving

The use and misuse of opioids in this country has become a hot topic, and some states have noticed a dramatic increase in addiction to them and subsequent effects. Drivers in Arizona who are taking opioid medication for a health condition need to be aware that their effect can greatly affect driving abilities. In fact, if found to be operating under the influence of these controlled substance, the driver may face DUI charges because drugs have been shown to impair driving in a similar manner to alcohol.

Problems associated with the loss of driving privileges

Drunk driving charges can bring a wide variety of difficulties into your daily life, from time behind bars to financial penalties, a record that follows you around, and the loss of your good reputation in the community. Having said that, you should not overlook the other ways in which these charges can make life chaotic. For example, you could lose your driving privileges, which could be especially damaging, depending on your responsibilities. As a result, you should do all you can to handle these charges properly and prepare accordingly if you have lost or expect to lose the ability to drive.

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