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How can parents help prevent underage DUI?

When a young person is charged with driving under the influence, the ordeal can be incredibly stressful for their whole family. Teenagers may worry that their dreams and opportunities will be negatively affected, while parents may be upset with their child's behavior or worry about how others will judge the situation. There are some steps that parents can take, however, to reduce the likelihood that their teenager will get behind the wheel after consuming alcohol.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reports that parental involvement is an important tool to curb underage drunk driving. Parents should recognize the dangers of this behavior and help their children understand the consequences of drunk driving as well. For example, zero tolerance laws can result in drunk driving charges if a person who has not reached the age of 21 is pulled over with any amount of alcohol in their system. Moreover, peer pressure can play a major role in a young person's decision to drive even though they have consumed alcohol before getting in their vehicle.

If your teen was charged with DUI, you should carefully look over the details surrounding the case and figure out how you can help them move forward. These charges can be disastrous for a young person's future and it is important to be understanding during this challenging time. Unfortunately, parents are not always able to prevent a teen from finding themselves in this position, in which case it is crucial to carefully look over all legal options.

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