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When your teen is charged with DUI

Parents often have many different stressors that arise during their child's teenage years, from problems in the classroom to relationship issues and other challenges. However, drunk driving charges can be particularly difficult for an entire family to work through and teens may find themselves in this position for different reasons. With peer pressure and even a lack of awareness about how strict the law is when it comes to underage alcohol consumption and driving, many teens have found themselves accused of drunk driving in Phoenix and other parts of Arizona.

For teenagers, an active social life is often important and many like to attend celebrations and gatherings with their friends outside of school. However, some of these events may present opportunities for some teens to drink and some might worry that turning down alcohol will have negative social repercussions. Later on, they might forget they drank or feel as if they have no choice but to drive, which can be problematic. Moreover, some teens are not aware of zero tolerance laws which make it illegal for someone who is underage to drive with any level of alcohol in their system. Some teens might have thought that they were under the legal limit and it would not be against the law for them to drive.

Regardless, these charges can destroy a young person's life in many ways. Time behind bars, fines, and a social stigma that follows someone around for years are all consequences some face. Our drunk driving section has more related to underage DUI charges.

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