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January 2018 Archives

When your teen is charged with DUI

Parents often have many different stressors that arise during their child's teenage years, from problems in the classroom to relationship issues and other challenges. However, drunk driving charges can be particularly difficult for an entire family to work through and teens may find themselves in this position for different reasons. With peer pressure and even a lack of awareness about how strict the law is when it comes to underage alcohol consumption and driving, many teens have found themselves accused of drunk driving in Phoenix and other parts of Arizona.

You have the right to remain silent, but speak up to invoke it

Anyone in Arizona who has ever watched a crime television show or movie has heard the phrase, "You have the right to remain silent" when someone is arrested. You may already know that this is part of the Miranda warning given to people after police officers place them under arrest and before an interrogation begins.

Penalties for refusing field tests

Drivers in Arizona who are suspected of driving while under the influence of alcohol or drugs may be asked to take part in a series of roadside tests. While the driver can refuse these tests, they need to be aware there are consequences and penalties involved that may be harsher than those for DUI conviction.

The holidays and DUI charges

Drunk driving charges can bring holiday celebrations to an abrupt end. Whether someone drives home after opening presents with loved ones or ringing in the new year, DUI charges can be devastating for someone accused of this offense and those they love. During the holidays, there is an increase in the number of people accused of DUI. Not only do more people tend to drive while intoxicated, but certain areas have additional law enforcement officials on the lookout for drunk drivers. We are all too familiar with the hardships that entire families often go through when DUI charges upset their holiday celebrations.

Why would someone falsely accuse another of domestic violence?

Domestic violence charges are not to be taken lightly, since they can shatter someone's life in many different ways. Losing access to a child, being fired, having a hard time lining up a new job, and sustaining irreparable damage to one's reputation are just some of the consequences that may come with these allegations. Unfortunately, some people are falsely accused of this offense in Phoenix and all across the state of Arizona. Sometimes, people wonder what would motivate someone to wrongly accuse another of domestic violence and it may be helpful to go over some of the potential reasons why this occurs.

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