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Facing charges over unintentional drunk driving

A driver may be charged with drunk driving after recklessly operating their vehicle and attracting the attention of law enforcement officials. For example, someone might be swerving across the road and an officer may find out that they were intoxicated after pulling them over. However, there are some instances in which people are charged with DUI even though they were not aware that they were over the legal limit. However, these charges can be just as serious regardless of a driver's intentions.

To some people, the idea of unintentionally or accidentally driving while drunk might seem silly. However, there are many ways in which people can find themselves in this position. For example, someone may consume what they consider to be a small amount of alcohol during a family gathering. At the celebration, they might have a mixed drink and the alcohol content might not be clear. For example, someone could have mixed the drink to be very strong and even after drinking a relatively small amount someone could be pushed over the legal limit. Moreover, some people might simply forget that they drank alcohol, while others may not realize how low the legal limit is.

If you were charged with driving under the influence, it is pivotal to look at your options whether you were intentionally or unintentionally driving drunk. Our driving under the influence page serves as a resource for more information related to DUI charges. Remember, it is critical to keep yourself focused when you are in this tough position.

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