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DUI and ignition interlock device

Drivers in Arizona who are convicted of a DUI face a number of unwanted consequences. One of these is having to install an ignition interlock device in their vehicle. This results in a number of driving restrictions as well as financial obligations.

According to the Arizona Governor's Office of Highway Safety, the state is taking extreme measures to cut down on the number of impaired drivers and alcohol-related accidents. Along with mandatory jail time, license suspension and penalty fees, convicted drivers are required to have an IID for a minimum of one year. Failing a test or mishandling the device can result in a longer probation time or other penalties. 

The Arizona Department of Transportation explains that the driver must blow into the IID and have a clean breath sample in order to start the car. While driving, the device will randomly ask for another breath sample. Drivers carry a special license indicating the IID requirement, and they are only allowed to drive the vehicle that has the IID. Driving a different car can lead to severe consequences. Along with paying for the installation, the driver must also pay monthly maintenance fees and for its removal once the probation period is over. 

The state of Arizona's goal is to reduce the number of repeat DUIs, and the interlock device seems to aid in this goal. Along with monitoring programs, use of IIDs has resulted in an almost 95% reduction of DUI recurrence during the period of time the device is in the vehicle. 

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