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Protecting your future after being charged with DUI

Drunk driving charges are very damaging, in many instances. Not only do these allegations often lead to stiff financial penalties and the loss of driving privileges, they may result in time behind bars and other consequences as well. As a result, our law office knows how essential it is for people in Phoenix and all parts of Arizona who have found themselves in this position to carefully review how they will approach the charges. Ideally, people should do whatever they can to protect their future, as difficult as that might seem at present.

False drug trafficking allegations

Drug trafficking accusations are not to be taken lightly, with steep fines, time in prison, and a host of other consequences. Unfortunately, some people find themselves facing these hurdles even though they are innocent. If you have been wrongly accused of drug trafficking, or if some of the details surrounding the incident are untrue or have blown out of proportion, it is time for you to take a careful look at your rights and defend yourself appropriately. Our Arizona law office is very familiar with the hardships that people in Phoenix and all across the state may face when they find themselves in this situation and we firmly believe that those wrongly accused of drug trafficking and other drug offenses deserve a voice.

Addiction may not be your only battle if you face drug charges

It's no secret that a killer drug epidemic exists in Arizona and throughout the United States. The thing is, you may be among many who imagine drug overdoses as incidents that occur in back alleys of low-income neighborhoods when gangs and other drug "salesmen" push their wares on the streets. The reality is that many high-income professionals also suffer from opioid and prescription drug addictions. In fact, many of the overdoses that occur happen after licensed physicians sign off on the very prescriptions connected to the fatalities.

Facing charges over unintentional drunk driving

A driver may be charged with drunk driving after recklessly operating their vehicle and attracting the attention of law enforcement officials. For example, someone might be swerving across the road and an officer may find out that they were intoxicated after pulling them over. However, there are some instances in which people are charged with DUI even though they were not aware that they were over the legal limit. However, these charges can be just as serious regardless of a driver's intentions.

The consequences of white collar crime charges

White collar crimes take many forms and people face charges for all sorts of different reasons. From fraud to computer-related offenses, these offenses may not seem as serious as others, in some peoples' opinions. However, it is essential to understand how potentially damaging these charges could be if you have been charged with a white collar crime. In Phoenix, and all across the state of Arizona, these charges may carry stiff financial penalties. However, there are many other consequences that people in this position could face as well.

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