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November 2017 Archives

DUI charges can take a toll on your pocketbook

If you're driving home from a night out with friends in Arizona and a police officer pulls you over in a traffic stop, life as you know it may never be the same, especially if you consumed alcohol before getting behind the wheel of your car. Facing DUI charges is definitely no small matter, even if it's your first offense. If police take you into custody, your immediate concerns may understandably lie in how to secure your release from jail and how to avoid conviction.

Football player sentenced over domestic violence

When accusations of domestic violence surface, the life of a person facing charges may change in a flash. Upon being taken into custody for intimate partner violence, they may lose their job and face scrutiny in the public eye that they will never be able to recover from. In some instances, people can have their lives shattered over false allegations, even if they are found not guilty, due to the stigma of this offense and the attention surrounding their arrest. 

Social media and white collar crime

There are many issues to consider for those who have been accused of a white collar offense, from the potential penalties they may face (prison time, fines, etc.) to the way in which these accusations will affect their career. If you have been charged with a white collar crime, you may have all sorts of questions. Moreover, you may be unsure of which course of action to take. Sometimes, people in this position turn to the internet or talk with people they are connected to on social networking sites. However, it is pivotal to be mindful when it comes to the information that you share on social media.

Is your college education at risk due to drug-related activity?

As an Arizona State University student, you may feel proud of where you to go to school and cannot wait for what your future holds. During this exciting time in your life, you may want to experience as many new situations as possible and work hard to earn your degree. After all, the college years are an important time in your life.

Halloween and drunk driving charges

During holidays, such as Halloween, many people celebrate with friends and family members. Sometimes, these celebrations involve alcohol and people get behind the wheel after drinking. Unfortunately, drunk driving charges can not only disrupt holiday celebrations but create lasting challenges that affect people for years to come in terms of employment prospects, relationships, and many other facets of life. If you were charged with DUI during Halloween, or on any other day, it is essential for you to look over your rights and carefully address the charges.

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