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October 2017 Archives

DUI charges and traveling abroad

On this blog, we've discussed some of the commonly-known consequences of drunk driving, such as prison sentences, financial penalties, the suspension of driving privileges, and the way in which these charges can interfere with one's employment. However, there are additional consequences that could have a serious impact on your personal and/or professional life. In a recent post, we briefly mentioned how DUI charges can affect international travel and our law firm would like to offer additional information on this topic.

Paraphernalia and seemingly minor drug charges

Drug crimes take different forms, whether they involve the manufacturing of illegal substances, the sale of an unlawful drug, or possession. However, even offenses that seem relatively minor, such as being accused of possessing drug paraphernalia, can be incredibly hard and may create different challenges for people facing charges. Our law firm is intimately familiar with the stress that people in this position often experience and we know how the different ways in which these charges can shatter someone's life.

Looking at other consequences of DUI charges

With respect to DUI charges, many people are aware that the allegations could result in the loss of driving privileges, steep financial penalties, as well as time behind bars. While these are very serious ramifications, it is crucial to bear in mind that drunk driving charges can overturn the lives of people in Phoenix and across Arizona in other ways. if you are facing these charges, you should go over all options and understand that these charges may lead to problems that many people are unaware of.

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