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The consequences of domestic violence accusations

For someone who has been accused of domestic violence, a whirlwind of challenges may arise. Not only do people going through this frequently experience a great deal of stress, but their lives may change in many ways. Our law firm can understand how upsetting these accusations can be, even if they are false or were the result of an incident that has been blown out of proportion. However, you should realize the potentially devastating consequences that could lie ahead and go over your options carefully.

For starters, domestic violence allegations can lead to time behind bars and have a negative impact on your divorce case. For example, if you are standing up for your visitation rights or want shared custody, these accusations could get in the way. In fact, some people have been accused of domestic violence falsely as an attempt by their child's other parent to affect a custody battle. Furthermore, these accusations could cause people to view you differently in the community, creating a stigma that follows you around and affects your life in various ways.

When you are trying to work through domestic violence charges, you should ensure that you know your legal rights and are aware of any different options that may be available.You should also be prepared for some of the challenges you could face in court, since these accusations can carry negative connotations. Over on the section of our site that covers violent crimes, you can read more about domestic violence accusations and other topics.

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