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September 2017 Archives

The consequences of domestic violence accusations

For someone who has been accused of domestic violence, a whirlwind of challenges may arise. Not only do people going through this frequently experience a great deal of stress, but their lives may change in many ways. Our law firm can understand how upsetting these accusations can be, even if they are false or were the result of an incident that has been blown out of proportion. However, you should realize the potentially devastating consequences that could lie ahead and go over your options carefully.

Has a resisting arrest charge left you confused and concerned?

Interactions with police officers can sometimes feel like complicated affairs. Though you were likely taught from a young age that police officers can help in difficult situations, you may have started to feel uncertain about how to approach an officer as you grew older. Because misunderstandings can occur, you may wonder if you could potentially face criminal charges due to miscommunication or other similar mishaps with police.

Handling false allegations of assault

Violent crime charges take many forms, from robbery to domestic violence. However, assault charges can be especially problematic and can turn your life upside down, even if you were innocent. Aside from the stigma that surrounds these charges, you could face serious penalties as well. With so much at stake, our law firm knows how crucial it is for people who live in Phoenix and other cities in Arizona to address these allegations appropriately.

Addressing drug possession charges properly

When it comes to drug-related offenses, there are a myriad of charges people face. Sometimes, the charges can have very serious consequences, such as in cases which involve the trafficking of drugs to another country. However, people may also find themselves in serious trouble over seemingly minor offenses, such as possessing a very small amount of an illegal substance. Even though some people may not think the consequences of drug possession charges are very serious, it is important to recognize the hardships you may face and figure out the smartest course of action if you are in this position. Our law firm knows how these charges can make life very difficult for people in Phoenix, and other parts of Arizona.

What is the BAC limit for drivers under 21?

In a recent post, this blog covered some of the consequences associated with underage driving, such as the suspension of a driver's license and problems at school. However, some young people may not even be aware of how strict the underage drunk driving laws are in Phoenix and all over the state of Arizona. Unfortunately, some people have likely been charged with driving under the influence as a minor because they were not aware of the blood alcohol content level limit for drivers who have not reached the age of 21.

Common types of fraud

People in Arizona may not realize that the term fraud has a broad definition that actually encompasses a wide range of activities. According to FindLaw, the four keys that bind them all together are intent, deception, victimization and financial gain. The penalties vary widely but often include a prison sentence and heavy fines.

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