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August 2017 Archives

Looking at the consequences of underage DUI

Perhaps you are a young person who was recently accused of driving under the influence. Or, maybe your teenager is facing drunk driving allegations and you are unsure of what you should do. Our law firm understands the wide range of emotions and serious consequences that often come with these charges for entire families in Phoenix and other parts of Arizona. Underage drunk driving can be particularly devastating and it may be helpful to go over some of the possible ramifications associated with these charges.

A hefty dose of information regarding medical marijuana

If you live, work or travel in Arizona, you undoubtedly stay updated on current traffic laws and regulations. You may also seek understanding of criminal laws that may impact a traffic stop, such as those pertaining to drunk driving or marijuana use. With regard to the latter, such situations can be quite complicated since possessing, selling, distributing or using marijuana remains grounds for federal criminal charges even though many states, including this one, have enacted laws that make marijuana legal in certain circumstances.

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