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When your child is charged with drug trafficking

For most parents, finding out that their child is charged with any type of drug crime can be terrifying, even relatively minor charges such as possession of drug paraphernalia. However, certain offenses can be especially upsetting, such as drug trafficking. If your child has been accused of this offense, you may be worried about being unable to spend time with them while they are behind bars and you could also have concerns related to their future. This is an extremely concerning situation for parents and their children and it is pivotal for you to handle these charges properly.

It may be helpful to try to reassure your child that you love them and are doing all you can to protect their future. However, their ability to succeed in life may be seriously threatened by these charges and it is vital to make sure that you have done all you can to help defend them. There are all sorts of details to take into consideration with respect to drug trafficking allegations and as with other drug crime cases, these details may have a major impact on a court's decision.

Other consequences associated with drug trafficking charges

On our blog, we have gone into detail on some of the consequences that people may face when they are charged with drug trafficking, from issues related to one's college education to the loss of a job. However, there are many other ways in which those charged with this offense may have their lives upended and we will look into some in this blog post. For people in Phoenix, and across all of Arizona, it is crucial to know which options are on the table when these charges arise.

Drug trafficking charges should never be taken lightly and people facing these serious charges may be sentenced to prison, which can disrupt their life in all sorts of ways. Business ventures, relationships and careers can be thrown off-course when someone is behind bars. There are other issues that can arise also, such as the negative impact drug trafficking charges can have on a parent who is in the middle of a dispute over the custody of their child. Moreover, the financial penalties associated with these charges can be devastating as well.

Facing drug possession charges as a minor

When someone is charged with drug possession, their life may be flipped upside down in all sorts of ways, as we have discussed on this blog. However, there are certain challenges that are unique to certain age groups and people in certain positions. For example, a young person who is charged with drug possession may face problems with their family members once they find out about the charges. Moreover, other difficulties could arise down the road, such as problems for those who are thinking about attending college and taking out student loans to fund their education.

Aside from college, someone in high school may find that drug possession charges interfere with their performance in school for various reasons. On top of financial penalties and family-related problems, some young people in this position may be incredibly stressed out, making it hard for them to focus in the classroom. Sometimes, teens are falsely accused of drug possession and this may occur in different ways. In some instances, drugs may be planted on a young person by one of their "friends" who wants to bring them down. Or, a person may face these charges because someone left behind an illegal substance in their vehicle and they were not aware of the presence of illegal drugs, which can become a serious problem if the car is searched by a law enforcement official.

Know what to expect at an Arizona DUI checkpoint

Let's say you're driving on an Arizona roadway when, suddenly, you notice flashing police car lights up ahead. You first assume there must have been an accident but soon realize that doesn't seem to be the case. You notice a long line of cars and police officers approaching people's driver side windows. You've heard of DUI checkpoints in the past but have never encountered one, until now. You immediately grow nervous because you had a glass of wine an hour or so earlier while dining out with friends.  

Police roadblocks have been subject to much debate in Arizona and throughout the nation. The U.S. Supreme court ruled that DUI checkpoints do not violate our Fourth Amendment rights, which protect us from unreasonable search and seizure. Since the high court says it's okay for cops to set up roadblocks in the hope of catching drunk drivers in the act, the more you know about these checkpoints ahead of time, the better, as well as what to do if a problem arises

DUI charges as a motorcyclist

When some people envision someone being pulled over for drunk driving, they may picture someone driving a passenger vehicle such as a car or pickup truck. In fact, some people may not even realize that the same drunk driving laws apply to motorcyclists as well. It is important to keep in mind that many motorcyclists have been charged with driving under the influence and the consequences of these allegations can be very damaging. Moreover, there are a number of things that motorcyclists should take into consideration if they are accused of driving under the influence.

There are a variety of factors to consider when it comes to motorcyclists and DUI cases. For example, some motorcyclists may be pulled over because they appear to be driving under the influence, even though they may not be very familiar with how to operate a motorcycle or they may have drawn attention to themselves for another reason. The penalties for drunk driving while operating a motorcycle can be very disruptive with regard to your life, both in the present and in the future. You may have a hard time finding work, lose the ability to ride your motorcycle for a period of time or even be sent to prison, among other consequences.

When you are apprehended over a violent crime

From domestic violence to robbery, assault and resisting arrest, there are a number of violent crimes that people are taken into custody for. If you are apprehended over these allegations, it is extremely important to make sure that you handle this difficult situation correctly. There may be much at stake, including your entire future, and it is crucial to take the right steps during this time. Our law firm knows that being arrested for a violent crime can be especially difficult for numerous reasons, but the way a person handles this ordeal could significantly affect their life.

First of all, those apprehended over a violent crime should be aware that the things they say may be misinterpreted or twisted and that they have the right to stay silent. Following a violent incident, some people have especially strong emotions, which can make it even more problematic to speak up. Whether someone accidentally shares an incorrect detail surrounding a part of the incident or forgets to include a key detail, talking about what happened can create problems later on. Sometimes, people are taken into custody for violent offenses they did not commit, which can be especially tough. However, they may still face harsh consequences as many people have been wrongly accused of these offenses.

Losing your job over drug trafficking charges

Several months ago, our law firm published a piece highlighting some of the challenges that students and prospective students face when they are charged with a drug-related offense, such as losing financial aid eligibility. Drug trafficking charges are very serious and can shatter a person's life in many other ways as well. Aside from limiting access to education, you may have to spend a considerable amount of time in prison, pay steep financial penalties or lose your job. These consequences may continue to present challenges in your life years down the road and handling these charges appropriately is extremely important.

If you are accused of drug trafficking, you may be immediately let go at work, which can add to your high levels of stress and uncertainty. To make things worse, these charges could also make it harder for you to find work in the future. In fact, your record could make you ineligible to pursue work in a particular field. For some people, this can lead to additional, chronic financial challenges that can make it even harder to move forward in life.

Handling drug trafficking charges

We have covered some of the different drug offenses people are accused of and the consequences associated with these allegations. Drug-related offenses are very serious and this is especially true for someone who has been charged with drug trafficking. A person's life may be upended by these charges in all sorts of ways and many people in Phoenix and across the state of Arizona who find themselves in this difficult position are unsure of what they should do next. However, handling these charges properly is pivotal since so much is at stake.

For starters, it is crucial to be aware of the consequences that you may face, which vary from case to case. Whether you are potentially looking at years behind bars or stiff fines, these are serious charges that can completely throw your life off-course. Moreover, additional problems may surface following these accusations, from being unable to spend time with your kids to losing your job or having difficulty visiting a certain country. There are many ways these charges can negatively impact a person's life for years to come.

Arizona law addressing property crime of burglary is strict

Hollywood films tend to glamorize burglary. The truth, though, is that sneaking into a high-profile building under the cover of night might seem exciting on the big screen, but comes with serious consequences in the real world. The state of Arizona is especially strict when it comes to this type of property crime.

The state's burglary law features three code sections: Class 1, Class 2 and Class 3 burglary. The circumstances surrounding your burglary case will dictate the felony class you fall under if you end up facing charges. Here is a look at what to expect if you face a burglary conviction in this state.

Violent crimes and difficulty finding work

From rape to domestic violence and aggravated assault, people face charges related to a number of violent offenses. Those who are accused of a violent offense may face a variety of consequences, even if the charges are completely fabricated or certain aspects of the allegations are not valid. Aside from time behind bars and financial penalties, there are many other ways in which violent crime charges can shatter a person's life completely. For example, their reputation may be irreparably damaged and they could also have a very hard time during the job hunt, regardless of the field they wish to find work in.

First of all, these charges have a very harsh stigma and can turn away many employers who would have hired a candidate otherwise. In some instances, this record may make someone who is interested in a particular job unable to apply. Moreover, some people may be falsely labeled or judged as a result of these charges, even if they are not true. As a result, handling violent crime charges properly is of the utmost importance. Unfortunately, some people facing these allegations have been unfairly targeted and have had their entire lives thrown off-course.

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